Difference Between a Blog and a Website

Some people said, “all blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs”. Let us see what the differences.


  1. Used by a blogger to make use of a chronological listing of blog posts
  2. Don’t have to design from scratch, use blog provider such as BlogSpot, Blogger, WordPress, etc.
  3. Content focused that need to be updated from time to time.
  4. Not formal.
  5. Free blog service is good enough.

 Difference Between a Blog and a Website Blog  Website

Pic: Engadget. Example of a successful blog.


  1. A website is developed by a website developer.
  2. Online portal with the homepage for browsing other pages
  3. Need to be designed carefully.
  4. A website represents a business online identity to display services, products, testimonial, portfolio and contact form.
  5. Formal/professional.
  6. Required for business.
  7. Users often need to use paid domain name and hosting.
  8. A free website/hosting/domain is not good enough for business

 Difference Between a Blog and a Website Blog  Website

Pic. Example of a website.

Which is the best?

The best thing is both blog and website can be in one portal (combined). You can have a website that represents your business and blog that attracts visitors and potential customers at the same time. To see an example, visit our website and blog that shared the same address.


 Difference Between a Blog and a Website Blog  Website

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