Website Types and Purposes / Website Categories

Website is a common word in now the days online world. There are many types of websites. Did you know?



A blog is more a personal website than a business website. It Is run by a blogger. Even though it can be free, there are some blogs that are successful. Difference between a blog and a website. 

Business Website

Business website often used to represent a company, business and, brand online. It is one of the common use of a website.


This website is a platform that allows e-commerce or online commerce. It accepts online payment and sometimes provides vendor to vendor trading platform. Examples are Lazada, Rakuten and 11 Street.

Photo/Video Sharing Website

These kinds of websites are very common nowadays. Examples are Dreamstime, Pexels and YouTube.

Social Website

Facebook and LinkedIn. The example is enough.

Wiki Website

Allow users to post online and share content. An example is Wikipedia.

So now, I`m sure you know which website is suitable for you and your business. Beware of website developer scam.



 Website Types and Purposes / Website Categories Blog  Website

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