ESET Antivirus Solution Client : Hafiz Zubir & Co.

Hafiz Zubir & Co. is our latest security solution client. Hafiz Zubir & Co., as a national law firm with lawyers that have tremendous experiences in Intellectual Property, Litigation, Conveyancing, Corporate and Commercial have taken a significant measure to protect their data and computers using ESET Internet Security.

ESET was the only product ever to win 100 VB100, an award by Virus Bulletin. Virus Bulletin is an independent testing organization that presented its first Virus Bulletin Award (VB100) in 1998 and to this day is considered to be the most renowned accolade in the industry. With an unbroken record over 18 consecutive years, no other security product can claim to be the top performer by this independent testing and certification body.

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 ESET Antivirus Solution Client : Hafiz Zubir & Co. Portfolio  Antivirus

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