What services that we offer?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Next-Gen IT-based services. They are:

  • Data mining and analytics
  • Optimization
  • Scheduling
  • Automation

What is Artificial Intelligence?

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What values that we offer to your company or business?

The services that we provide can lead to the reduction of:

  • Cost
  • Process/operation complexity
  • Uncertainty or concealed information about your business, customers etc.

It also can increase:

  • Decision-making accuracy and effectiveness
  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Knowledge and information about your business, customers etc.

Are there any use case study or results that have been achieved?

Yes. According to surveys on nearly 1000 business organizations made by Capgemini, the IT services relying on AI have benefitted the organizations in sales, operations, customer engagement and generating insights. Among the results that have been achieved:

  • Sales of new and old products and services have been increased by more than 10% in the majority of these organizations.  Some of the efforts were focusing on AI-managed marketing platform, targeting and predicting high-value customers using AI classifications and analyze marketing campaign that worked and didn’t.
  • The efficiency of operations in these organizations was increased. The improvement includes employee productivity, lower operational cost, lower false alarm and better compliance with the law or rules. These improvements were obtained due to an improved process, lowering error rates (caused by humans) and optimization of processes.
  • The relations with customer were improved in most of the organizations where the number of leaving customers and complaints were reduced. Meanwhile, customer satisfaction has been reported as increasing after implementing AI.
  • AI has generated new insights and information for most of the organizations. The results of the new information were better analysis and decision-making. AI was proven to help in management decision-making. Meanwhile, the staff able to focus on other difficult tasks when AI had automated their regular tasks.

I’m interested. What should I do next?

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