Cost-effective IoT device that is suitable for your kids. Price: Less Than RM 99 (USD 23.93).

Pedometer / Sleep Monitoring / Sedentary Reminder

The device records all your child activities in the day, calculate the distance walked and calories burned, monitor sleep, track steps, mileage and calories for active activities. 24 Hours Heart Rate Monitor tracks heart rate continuously at every moment every day.

Data Collections

Use cost effective IoT device to track and monitor your children activities and sleeping pattern. These are the risks factors for childhood obesity.

Obesity & Overweight Predictions

We use the collected data and Artificial Intelligence to predict your children obesity risks in the next few years.


Continuously monitor your children activities and sleep patterns. Get advice on preventive actions.

Childhood obesity has become a worrying global epidemic.  Evidences show that childhood obesity persists into adulthood.

Knowing early that your kids will be obese and overweight can save their lives. Act now!

Predicting Obesity

KIDOOS predicts obesity cases with 60% sensitivity and improving.

Promotes Activities

Studies show that consistently using a fitness tracking device that tracks your movement can increase your steps per day by more than a mile.

Predicting Overweight

KIDOOS predicts overweight cases with 95% sensitivity.


The IoT device is a fashionable watch too! It has a colorful band with a color screen. Suitable for kids age 4 and above.

Predicting Normal Cases

KIDOOS predicts normal cases with low risks of obesity and overweight.

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