What is a website? Most people know what a website is. It is different than a blog. A website is an effective marketing tool that often requires a designer, hosting and domain name. Meanwhile, a blog mostly managed by an individual and it is hosted for free by some hosting company such as Blogspot. Why does your business need a website?

I will answer the question in the next section.

Why your business needs a website

The main reason is that most customers are online nowadays, either mobile or desktop. According to statistics, 89% of the customers expect a business to have a website. So, it is a matter of trust and reputation. A website for your business gives you credibility and can boost your sales.

With a website, you can display your services, goods and make online sales. You can make video promotions from your website or use content marketing to build a fanbase. It so much similar to a blog, but you will have a higher reputation. Furthermore, you can collect database (emails) of your customers or potential customers. A website can help you track your site visitors and can link your business social media from the website.

Marketing nowadays is tougher. You can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which listed your company higher in the search engine such as Google and Bing. Plus, hiring a website developer to develop a good and responsive website is cost effective. Only invest once, and the recurring cost is lower compared to other marketing tools such as FB ads, LinkedIn ads, and Google ads. Good and responsive websites are often optimized for mobile users. According to online shopping platforms, mobile users play a huge role in their profit making.


Internet marketing is changing fast every day. Rather than relying on offline approach or the traditional online approaches such as a blog, you should consider investing in a good and responsive website now.

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