Dear beloved and respectable readers,

Yesterday my laptop has this condition ” Windows 10 Error code 0xc000000f A required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed” when trying to start Windows 10. After few hours of searching, I identified the solution. Let me introduce the events that lead to this problem first.

  1. A few days ago, my PC showing a new drive. This drive might be from my Phone that I connected to the laptop.
  2. I updated windows 10.
  3. I remove my phone.
  4. The next day, I tried to start my Laptop. the blue screen of death (BSOD) appeared. Solution:

The problem occurred because I removed my phone from the Laptop. I realized that maybe the BOOT setting was prioritizing the new drive that belongs to my phone. There are no windows in this drive. Therefore, I entered BIOS/Boot setting and set the highest priority to my windows drive (C:\) again. Hope it helps.

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